• Custom magnets are 15 mil thick. Keep in mind, mil is not short for millimeter. Mil is a commonly used measurement for products like magnets and stickers. 1 mil is equal to 0.001 inches or 0.0254 millimeters. Our magnets are 0.020 inches or 0.508 millimeters thick.

  • Magnets will not adhere to a MacBook. We do not recommend placing magnets on any of your electronic devices.

  • Magnets are durable and will hold up to poor weather conditions.

  • The most common use for our custom magnets is on cars and refrigerators. Some other surfaces include a magnetic dry erase board, kitchen appliances, and school lockers.

  • Magnets are 84 lbs pull per sq ft. They can hold a few pieces of paper to a magnetic surface such as a refrigerator.

  • Size: 2.87" x 3"

Shipping Attention:
Orders within the United States may take 2-16 business days to be delivered. International orders may take up to 30 business days to be delivered. We are a very small, family owned company and we thank you so much for your patience as we take the time to print, assemble, and ship your order.

Return Policy:
Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page for detailed information discussing filing a return request, how to send your return, and more. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to send us a message through your account dashboard!

Donation Info:
Each purchase you make generates a donation to Fresno Bully RescueUnchained New York, and other non-profit animal rescues world-wide! We thank you for your support!

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I absolutely love my new magnets!

Written by Daneka Padilla on 16th Apr 2018

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