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"3 in. X 2 in."

• Rectangle with white back
• Single(s), 2 packs, or 6 packs

• Split-Back for easy usage
• UV Ink with a 3-5 Year Capability 
• Durable Industrial Strength 
• Outdoor Caliber 
• Gloss Overcoat (no dull or flat finish)


Shipping Attention:
Orders within the United States may take 2-16 business days to be delivered. International orders may take up to 30 business days to be delivered. We are a very small, family owned company and we thank you so much for your patience as we take the time to print, assemble, and ship your order.


Return Policy:
Stickers are non-returnable.


Donation Info:
Each purchase you make generates a donation to Fresno Bully RescueUnchained New York, and other non-profit animal rescues world-wide! We thank you for your support!