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Size Chart:
Neck (inches): 19"
Length (inches): 22"
Chest (inches): 28"

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  1. Length: Measure your pet from the base of his neck to the base of his tail as shown in the illustration. 
  2. Girth: Measure around the broadest part of your dog's chest - just behind the front legs.
  3. Always round up to the next larger size if your measurements meet or exceed the maximum measurement (or range of measurements) in the smaller size. This is particularly important for coats and jackets, since those garments typically do not stretch.
  4. Also, round up to the next larger size if your pet has a thick coat, broad chest, or wide underside. 

REMEMBER, slightly looser fitting clothing is more comfortable and looks better than clothing that is too tight. If in doubt, order one size larger.


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  • We get rid of otherwise unwanted products at a price so low, you won't mind the OOPSIE
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THIS ITEM IS AN OOPSIE BECAUSE: It is slightly misprinted. Please view the photos for a closer look.

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Each purchase you make generates a donation to Fresno Bully RescueUnchained New York, and other non-profit animal rescues world-wide! We thank you for your support!