Urban Suburban Apparel's decision to redirect our focus and energy to defending and glorifying a misunderstood, abused, and often misjudged breed was fueled by our own personal strife with Breed Specific Legislation and its' after effects. As personal owners of rescued pit bull/pit bull mixes, we think it's our social responsibility to raise positive awareness in any way shape or form. Now we would like to hear all of your stories of how you love and cherish the relationship between you and your pit bull (or any breed of dog affected by B.S.L.)!

Our goal is to compile your positive stories into a weekly Blog for our website, which is visited by thousands of people world-wide a day. But this is just one of the projects we hope to pursue with the help of you and your stories. Eventually, we would like to create a dynamic online and hardcopy calendar full of your photos and endearing personal journeys. 

To encourage you to share your stories with us even more, we will be offering a $5.00 store credit to anyone with an acceptable submission!