About Us

Urban Suburban Apparel is a family owned and operated online-based clothing brand dedicated to creating quality apparel for both you and your pup. We shaped our company around our love for our first pit bull, Indy. Ten years ago she came into our lives and flipped life as we knew it upside down. Finding a rental to live in became almost impossible just because our dog was a pit bull. People would avoid us or make remarks about her on our walks. Insurance companies hung up on us. "Dog-friendly" businesses denied us entry. Once Indy grew out of her adorable puppy stage and into her full hippo-bodied form, we quickly realized the stereotypes so many people out there shared about our dog the "pit bull". We learned about breed specific legislation and how it senselessly tears families apart. We discovered that our local shelters and rescues were overflowing with block-head dogs who very rarely garnered attention from the public/potential adopters. This one loving, gassy, sweet dog, Indy, forced us to educate ourselves and that is when we dedicated our lives to saving as many of them as we can. 

When we are not hand printing, assembling, and shipping out your orders, we are caring for and finding homes for multiple foster dogs (including our own 5). We truly love our dogs, and we love people who love dogs. We hope that our graphic tees will spark a conversation about how amazing these bully-breed dogs can be, or that our dog clothing will help strangers look at them in a different light. 

When you shop from our store, you are supporting a small family's rescue addiction which has resulted in hundreds of lives being saved.

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Noelani & Joe