We are looking for online influencers to share our gear with their followers. If you qualify and are approved, we will send you a monthly promotional package including an exclusive TEAM URBSUB tee, new arrivals, dog clothing, stickers, and other apparel or accessories free of charge. 

- You must have a minimum of 1,000 followers on at least one public social media account. 
- You must be willing to share photos and videos on your social media account(s) of your promotional package.
- You must be within the United States.
Because these are completely free packages, we cannot cover international shipping at this time. If you would like to pay for international shipping, and you meet the other requirements, please email us.

- There are only 10-15 slots each month for partnered affiliates.
- Not all applications will be approved.
- There are enrollment periods for each month.
- Affiliates must apply each month to be considered for a promotional package. Not all affiliates who reapply will automatically be approved.
- Affiliates who receive promotional packages but do not share on their social media will not be considered again.

Please check back soon!

- Affiliates will receive an exclusive TEAM URBSUB t-shirt, and a variety of garments or accessories in your choice of size. 

- If you're not comfortable taking photos of yourself, that's completely fine! Just share videos or photos of the garments themselves.
- Instagram story posts are a wonderful way to share because you can link our store, so your followers can go directly to our website from your post.
- Most importantly, we are looking for affiliates whose passions aligns with our mission and message. While we'd love to just send free stuff to everybody that loves dogs, our main goal is to expand our brand, get our message out there, and increase the number of people who are positively influenced by our apparel. If you like what we do and want to genuinely share it with your friends, please join our team! 

Enrollment is currently closed. Please check back soon.