Chihuahua Rescue Puppies



These four adorable chihuahua-mix puppies were rejected by their mother at around 2 weeks of age. Their owner was unable to bottle-feed and care for the pups and contacted me asking if I could help. The options were slim and risky- they would all have to go to the pound or be "sold" immediately. I was able to provide their owner with several low-cost spay centers and pet financial aid information, and she agreed to take the pups' mom in for spay as soon as she could. 

There were 3 girls and 1 boy. After much deliberation, we decided to name the rescue babies Elcie, Leia, Aurora, and Miller. 

While most people would think that chihuahua puppies would be generally easier to care for than large breed pit bull puppies, the experience has proven to actually be quite the opposite. We began fostering the pups independently, meaning we didn't have the support of a rescue organization, which ended up being a huge drain on our resources and finances. Finding the right home for each pup seemed to get harder and harder. I was starting to wonder if I had bit off more than I could chew.

Luckily, after a few visits, my mother decided that she wanted to adopt one of the kiddos. Such relief and joy! One down, three to go. Some fantastic applications came in, but most were from across the country, and I was honestly not comfortable sending one of my fosters so far without the thorough screening process rescue organizations perform. Finally, a wonderful application came in from a family that lived nearby. After a successful meet and greet, Miller (the only boy) had finally found his forever home. Two down, two to go!

After Miller and Leia got adopted, the financial struggle worsened, and it was looking like the setback might cause us to refrain from fostering in the future. The universe must have sensed my panic because a day later, I received an email from a local rescue, Animal Compassion Team, telling us that they would help if I needed it. Tears of joy, relief, and gratitude overtook me. Elcie and Aurora went into A.C.T's system and immediately received two awesome applications. 

Elcie's new mom came to meet her and the love between them was instant and beautiful to see. They were clearly meant for each other. At this time, Aurora is still with us and is awaiting her meet and greet/adoption day, which will be August 3rd. We are so excited to see the last of these vivacious pups finally go into her forever home. 

I want to sincerely thank every one who helped with my Amazon wish list when I truly knew I couldn't do it alone anymore. This experience has been humbling, eye-opening, and vital to my road to acheiving my goal of opening my own rescue organization. 

You can view these pups growth on their very own Instagram hashtag #ChihuahuaRescuePuppies