Kaiser was pulled from the SPCA by Fresno Bully Rescue and was brought into our home for foster. After only a few days of being here, Kaiser started to show symptoms of parvo, a virus that often has a fatal outcome, especially for puppies and unvaccinated dogs. Kaiser was taken to the vet immediately and stayed for several days until he finally started to show signs that he was recovering. Once he was back with us, he still needed to be in "isolation" for several days so he could recover and "shed" the virus without putting any of our dogs at risk. Today, he is healthy and 100% back to his normal puppy self. Because of the setback caused by his sickness, he still has much to learn and needs consistent training daily. We are doing our best to teach him all the basics, but what he needs more than anything is a forever family to pick up where we will leave off. To apply to adopt Kaiser, please go to fresnobullyrescue.org and submit an application. Any inquiries can also be submitted through fresnobullyrescue.org