All proceeds from our store help us with our fostering efforts.

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If you'd like to help us out with our foster and rescue efforts, here's some of the lesser known costs we are putting money toward:

-Running A/C or a heater depending on the season, but in the hot summer months, it's going 24/7
-Energy costs from running loads of laundry
-Food (sometimes we add on our wishlist but sometimes it doesn't make it in time)

-Dog beds or supplies
-Frickin' gas (we live around 45 mins to an hour from all rescues, shelters, and vets we work with)
-Brand new foster suite (but we'll likely do a specific fundraiser for this)
-Monthly dumpster fee (yes- it's necessary. Think dog poop. Think lots of it.)

There's absolutely no obligation to give and we are thankful for any kind of support so we can continue helping shelter dogs.


Purchase us supplies that we need like puppy food, toys, treats, and cleaning supplies.

Amazon pays us when you purchase products we love and recommend.

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Mama Sequoia is tender, loving, protective, and her temperament is a dream. Being in mama-mode has proven her maternal skills and her ability to show great affection and care for other beings. She appreciates belly and ear rubs, and she's been an incredible mother to her 7 puppies, who are now all joining their forever homes. She'll need some time in her foster home to fully recover from the whirlwind of motherhood; then, once she's ready to be spayed, she'll be available for adoption.

Wednesday & Pugsley

These two babies were found dumped in a box on someone's farm and were brought into the local shelter covered in fleas and ticks. After a long bath and lots of TLC, these puppies are finally coming out of their shells and learning to trust people. They are being potty and crate trained and are doing fabulous! They can be adopted together or separately. Pugsley is black, Wednesday is white/beige.

Sunny & Breezy

We are two puppies who LOVE the following things:
1. Kids! Right now, our best friend is a 2 year old who loves to tote us around and we cannot get enough of it.
2. All people! If we could just hang out in your arms or on your lap all day, that would be enough for us.
3. Cuddles, kisses, and snuggles!
4. Our Doggy Friends! We play well in our foster home with our other chihuahua foster siblings, as well as our pit bull foster siblings. Size doesn't stop us from having fun :) In our foster home, we are working on our potty training and we are doing SO well. We pretty much understand the concept of using a potty pad when necessary, but we are also getting used to going outside on a regular basis. We may be pocket-sized, but we have a huge heart and we were made for loving. If you're looking for a tiny best friend, look no further!