Where are your products from?


Social accountability within the apparel industry is very important to us, and we promote a positive culture with respect to ethical manufacturing.


We believe in treating our employees and customers like family (heck, most of our employees ARE family!), and vow to be a leader in social accountability within our industry and with all of our business partners. We promote fair, safe and environmentally friendly practices in the manufacturing, printing, and assembling of all of our garments and accessories.


We make sure to order from NAFTA and environmental friendly manufacturers, and are always being conscious of the companies we do business with.

Take a look at two of our largest suppliers...

UltraClub T-Shirt Environmental Verifications:

  • All UltraClub garment factories are currently certified by WRAP – an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world. New factories we consider must also seek accreditation.
  • All UltraClub products follow strict SGS testing guidelines – the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company – the global benchmark for consumer product integrity.

American Apparel 

The American Apparel factory is the largest sewing facility in North America. We believe that integrating our manufacturing, distribution and creative processes keeps our company more efficient than those who rely on offshore or onshore sub-contracting. By leveraging art, design, and technology at our Downtown LA campus, we are able to pay garment workers fairly AND sell garments profitably so we can sustain our business and grow. Everyone benefits - customers, workers, and shareholders alike."

Environmental Commitment
"American Apparel is also committed to sustainability. We've set the precedent for sustainable and ethical manufacturing in California—the state with the strictest and most progressive EPA standards in the country. By concentrating our entire operation within a few square miles, American Apparel has a smaller carbon footprint than our competitors. We recycle almost all our manufacturing waste—an average of 125,000 lbs of textile and 25,000 lbs of paper, plastic and cardboard per week (over 260 semi truck loads per year). As of 2014, we are virtually landfill-free. Our solar panels offset as much as 20% of our electrical usage, and we ship the majority of our goods to our worldwide stores via excess space on passenger flights and busses, minimizing our environmental impact."

P.S. Most garments screen printed with our logos or designs are done with love by us.