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A pack full of items that may be slightly dirty, misprinted, or otherwise imperfect. All items will be perfectly wearable, but were not deemed to be of the highest quality by us or our manufacturer(s). The imperfection could be something like a smudge of dirt that would likely come out with a proper wash. Or something that is invisible to the everyday person, like a shirt or hoody that is a shade off from the manufacturer's expectation. If you like surprises at an incredible price, these packs are for you. 

Features a 7 pack of items including:
2 x Hoodies
4 x Tees
1 x Sticker Pack

Available In:
- Sizes Small-4XL
- 2 size options so you can split the pack between you and a friend.

If you're looking for a pack that will cover your entire family, check out our FOR THE FAM pack of 12 items. Or if you just want something for yourself, check out our TREAT YO'SELF pack of 3 items.

FREE SHIPPING for U.S. customers. International customers, please email us here if you'd like to purchase this product.

NO returns on these packs. 

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