Order Statuses: What does mine mean?

What does it mean if my Order Status is "Awaiting Shipment"?
Your packing slip has been printed, and your order is in the process of being assembled or completed. Most people should expect this to remain their order status for several (2-14) business days, as we take the time to properly assemble and ship your order.

What does it mean if my Order Status is "Partially Shipped"?
If this is your Order Status, your order has been shipped, but partially. There may be one or more item(s) missing from your first package that will be shipped separately. If you ordered a pre-sale product, or a product that temporarily goes on back-order, this will most likely be your Order Status for a bit until we get your other item(s) out to you! 
   Will I get a tracking number for my back-ordered or pre-sale item being shipped separately? 
   Absolutely! Once the rest of your order is assembled and shipped, you will receive an email with a new tracking link!

What does it mean if my Order Status is "Verification Required"?
This is because vital information needed to process and ship your order was entered incorrectly or missing entirely. This usually includes a customer entering an invalid Shipping Address. If this is your order status, please contact us.

Why was my order cancelled?
Your order could have been cancelled due to payment validation errors or an out of stock item. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help you.