SAVE A SHELTER DOG Ladies' Black V-Neck XS


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This item is considered imperfect because it may have one or more of the following issues:

  • dirty (can usually be easily rectified with a wash)
  • stained (you might be able to get the spots off, or you can embrace them)
  • misprinted (the print may be off, but the garment is still perfectly wearable)
  • tears, rips, or holes (perfect for the DIY sewer or for those who want to add more tears for a distressed look)
  • overstock (there's nothing noticeably wrong with this garment)
  • random print/item (it's a one-of-a-kind garment & there's nothing wrong with it)
  • hemming or stitching imperfection
  • returned product (we do not have inventory anymore for this product)
  • Because this is a flash sale at such low prices, we cannot give full detail of each product's imperfection. Please keep this in mind when making a purchase.
  • The product photo may not be a photo of the exact item you order but is used to closely represent what you will receive. Tie dye, bleach dyed, and garment dyed products will vary from each other.
Most garments are retail unisex fit, with the exception of tie dyes which may have differing measurements. If it says 'ladies' in the title, it will be retail ladies fit, so expect it to run smaller than our unisex sizing.
Imperfect garments are FINAL SALE and are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange (even if you feel your product is defective).