Terms & Conditions

Urban Suburban Apparel's terms and conditions are stated below. Your use of our site and store bounds you to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be altered at any time without notice.

All graphics, logos, images, and text displayed on our site are trademarked or copyrighted by Urban Suburban Apparel and may not be copied or distributed in any way, shape, or form without prior written consent from Urban Suburban Apparel. Any person, company, or business that plagiarizes Urban Suburban Apparel's copyrighted content will face legal penalties.
Urban Suburban Apparel does our best to display the colors and print sizes to the best of our ability. We cannot guarantee that your monitor's coloring is displaying the correct color, or that the particular shade chosen to represent a product is fully accurate. Urban Suburban Apparel often uses "DEMO VERSION" images to advertise new or pre-sale products. "Demo version" images are not always accurate, and the actual print will usually vary in size, color, and placement.

You may be subject to varying Store Fees when purchasing product(s) from our Site. To read more about our Store Fees, click here.

Urban Suburban Apparel will never compromise, copy, or distribute your information to any third party companies without your express consent. Urban Suburban Apparel may use your photos on our Site or affiliate sites, but not without your implied or express consent. 

Urban Suburban Apparel may be contacted through any of the Support/ Contact Forms available on our Main Site www.urbansuburbanapparel.com.  We may not be contacted on any of our affiliate sites, nor through any other email addresses (even ones provided by PayPal); furthermore, we are not responsible for responding to or addressing any issues via email that are not brought to us directly through our Site.

Urban Suburban Apparel cannot guarantee a delivery date for any orders, even the estimations listed on our website. It is always a possibility for errors and delays to occur. Urban Suburban Apparel will do everything within our power to have all orders shipped as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that your particular order will arrive at a specific date.

Urban Suburban Apparel may choose to terminate this contract with any guest at any time if we feel any of our Terms & Conditions are violated. This may include blocking those who have violated our Terms & Conditions from any affiliate sites, as well as banning a guest from using our site. 

All contests, promotions, and discounts will be governed according to the specific rules set on our Site. Discount codes may only be applied to orders at check-out by the customer, no exceptions. Contest prize(s) may take up to one month to be delivered, unless otherwise expressly stated by Urban Suburban Apparel.

Our affliate sites, including Instagrams and Facebooks, are for sharing customer photos, new product announcements, and contest hosting only. We may not be contacted through any of these sites. Using our sites for any other reason(s) but the ones stated above is considered a term violation.

Urban Suburban Apparel will do everything within our power to resolve all issues in a fair and timely manner, without the intervening of any other companies or sites. Should any customer have an issue with their order, payment, or purchase for any reason whatsoever, that customer will need to contact us immediately with a detailed explanation of their problem or situation for an expedited solution from our staff. Unwarranted disputes will be jumped to a claim with a detailed report from our staff and our merchant services will be contacted with a full report which may include tracking number information, proof of shipment, proof of delivery, and more.