INDY FOREVER Dog Pullover Hoody


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Please note, we are transitioning from a regular kangaroo back pouch pocket to a zipper enclosed pocket. Inventory may be mixed until we complete our transition. 

These hoodies will keep your dog warm, comfortable, and cozy for those cooler evening walks. Because they are made of soft polyester, these hoodies are both durable and flexible. Each hoody features a stylish back pocket and a leash/harness opening. For all you boy doggies out there, we understand your struggle, so we designed these hoodies shorter on the underside for when nature calls.

Measurements (Inches):
Small (1-5 lbs)
Neck: 9.5"
Length: 10"
Chest: 14"

Medium (5-15 lbs)
Neck: 11"
Length: 12"
Chest: 18"

Large (15-30 lbs)
Neck: 16"
Length: 16.5"
Chest: 24"

XL (30-45 lbs)
Neck: 20"
Length: 19"
Chest: 28"

2XL (45-60 lbs)
Neck: 24"
Length: 21"
Chest: 32"

3XL (60-80 lbs)
Neck: 28"
Length: 23"
Chest: 38"

4XL (80-100+ lbs)
Neck: 33"
Length: 24.5"
Chest: 42"


  • If your dog meets or exceeds the measurements (especially the chest) we suggest sizing up. 
  • For pullover dog hoodies, while your dog is in standing position, slip his or her paws in through the arm holes first then pull it over your dog's head.


Still need help sizing your dog? Try our virtual doggy fitting room! Simply send us a pic of your dog, and we'll suggest a size for you.