Born out of our love for our first dog, we strive to make unique, thought-provoking clothing for dog and pet lovers. We aim to make advocacy for our four-legged best friends fashionable and accessible. We hope that our graphics can spark a conversation that might inspire positive change for animal welfare.


How We Give Back


Donated Services

We donate our screen printing services to our local rescues and shelters for large events, staff apparel, or merchandise that can be sold for profit. This allows them to save thousands of dollars and/or generate money for their organizations through the printed merch we provide for them.



Profits have helped us foster hundreds of dogs, cats, and puppies from local shelters and rescues over the years. We have been able to build a temperature controlled foster suite with an attached yard for our fosters as we prepare them for adoption. With your support, we are able to cover costs that include (but are not limited to) electricity for the foster building, dumpster fee, food, supplies, travel to and from veterinary appointments, and more.



We have and continue to fundraise for multiple non-profit organizations around the world through the sales of particular prints. We've done many campaigns that raise funds for non-profit rescues and shelters.