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Keep your dog cozy and protected from the elements in our new lightweight cowl-neck cropped tees. We designed these extra short on the underside for clean potty breaks and cool bellies. Pull the neck all the way up for additional warmth, or fold it down at your convenience– either way, this doggy tee won't be slipping off anytime soon! The mix of cotton and stretchy polyester materials allow for movement so your pup can look fabulous while enjoying his or her favorite activities. 

Measurements (Inches):
Small (1-5 lbs)
Neck: 9.5"
Length: 8"
Chest: 14"

Medium (5-15 lbs)
Neck: 11"
Length: 9"
Chest: 18"

Large (15-30 lbs)
Neck: 16"
Length: 13"
Chest: 24"

XL (30-45 lbs)
Neck: 20"
Length: 15"
Chest: 28"

2XL (45-60 lbs)
Neck: 24"
Length: 16"
Chest: 32"

3XL (60-80 lbs)
Neck: 28"
Length: 18"
Chest: 38"

Tip: If your dog meets or exceeds the measurements (especially the chest) we suggest sizing up.

Still need help sizing your dog? Try our virtual doggy fitting room! Simply send us a pic of your dog, and we'll suggest a size for you.